Expert solutions since 1856

Ever since its establishment, IHC Sealing Solutions responds to the needs of numerous sectors of industry to whom reliability is not a simple luxury, but a critical necessity.

The objective was long-term performance to promises, peace of mind to all involved and safety for the environment. This objective hasn’t changed and achievements have been significant. To date, IHC Sealing Solutions serves a vast network of propulsion manufacturers, ship-owners, pump manufacturers, (petro) chemical and energy companies benefitting from its products – over 30,000 seals now in operation.

Backed by the IHC Merwede group of innovative technology companies, your needs are served, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide.

News & Events

SUPREME Ventus® and Athmos™ eliminate oil-to-water interface

IHC Sealing Solutions has received an important third-party verification from DNV GL, the world’s largest ship and...

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Check out our SUPREME Athmos™

Recently IHC Sealing Solutions has launched its SUPREME Athmos™ seal. This seal enables ships – with limited draught up...

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Acquisition of IHC Sealing Solutions by CEO Willem Steenge

Royal IHC (IHC), the global leader in shipbuilding for the dredging and offshore industries, has reached an...

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